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Thursday, 27 December 2012

bugs, virus s and sd cards

After a great Christmas I was hit today by a big that left me in bed disliking light especially tv light. So after a good sleep I was able to come up with new ideas.

First was I have an sd card that claims its write protected when it's not. Thanks to a friend I will try out this tomorrow to see if it will fix it.

Next I'm trying to come up with making my own camera rocket that I can fire up into the sky and take pictures. I've got most of the concept there, tube, big elastic, parachute, but just need to find a way of running an old web cam with small battery and USB/sd card and can power for a few minutes, have wondered about just using a wifi cam straight to pc. Any ideas or other projects that could help then let me know.

Next up is the raspberry pi user guide book, a very good read and I've learnt more from this than all the Linux and unix books I've been reading recently, certainly a well received Xmas present.

Over the coming week or so I should have lots more bits coming to add or use with the raspberry pi, so watch this space.