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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dunsden series

We went out on the dunsden series near reading today, wore Wellies which I was grateful for due to the waterlogged area. We passed a house that was once lived in but had been left in a bad state. Parking at near 9 we went round anti clockwise, frodo covered in mud within seconds. We could also see the tracks of other animals as we walked round. A few dnf s, but a good day out, a good view of reading and also the floods. Later on we went to get a cache in a hedge and actually found two dormice playing in the hedge. Near the end the footpath Was flooded, knee deep and over the tops of my Wellies, frodo became cleaner here as he swam around in the footpath. A nice afternoon out and nice to get back out after the recent weather and seasonal illnesses.