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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Rest in peace mate

To a wonderful friend and colleague, Spencer Kell who sadly is no longer with us after deciding to end his life.

You were a great asset, a wonderful friend and invaluable colleague, not only that but a great dad to two wonderful kids who I know you adored.  Two kids that will now be without a dad and won't be able to share their lives with, their weddings, graduations and passing their driving tests.

Spencer you were without a doubt someone who cared for others, could have a laugh and a joke. You enjoyed cycling and recently told me about your time in swinley forest mountain biking. You always had a smile on your face, enjoyed banter and lots more.

I could always rely on you for help, for someone to answer a question and someone who would go that extra mile.

You were not just a traffic clerk, you were a first aider, fire warden, forklift driver and a lot more. You were a hard worker and always keen, something I hope your children and family will be proud of.

May you rest in peace and hope that whatever it was that caused you to do this is now not bothering you, just wished you could have talked to us and not take what you thought was the only option.

You might now be gone, but never forgotten, rest in peace.